Our Impact

Sustainable Development Goals

True wealth is what you can afford to give away.

We here at Reliability Extranet are committed to being a part of the global community. Reliability Engineers are an important part in the maintenance of industry and infrastructure.

The world needs reliability engineers because it is their job to get the most out of something at the lowest cost. This outcome aligns with the UN Stainability Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

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Target 9.1 of Sustainable Development Goal 9 says:

“Develop quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure, including regional and trans-border infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all.”

This targetaligns with what we believe is core of what a Reliability Engineer does; obtainingthe most outcome from the least resources.

ReliabilityExtranet is currently creating tools to help achieve these goals by 2030. Ourknowledge, tools, and data will push reliability engineers to find morecost-effective, time-effective, and sustainable ways to innovate and improveour industries and infrastructure.

B1G1 Partnership

In our partnership with B1G1, we hope to help build and support the economy and education system of developing countries so that they can create industries, innovation, and infrastructure just as we do.

Therefore through our partnership with B1G1, when youdo business with us we give to a project that supports to UN Sustainable Goal 9.

When someone purchases our book, we provide 1 day of school maintenance in Kenya.

When someone joins our Extraordinary Reliability Engineer program, we provide 5 days of shelter to people in need in South Africa.

Here are the impacts we’ve made so far.

Be sure to check in on this page to see the continuous impacts we make on the world.