Extraordinary Reliability Engineer Program

Do you want to become an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer?

This is our 12 week program to help you on your path to becoming an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer (ERE).

This is not an overnight success program, becoming an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer takes time and effort. The 12-week ERE Program is an intensive deep dive with the author of the Amazon best-selling book ‘5 Habits of an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer’. By implementing the 5 Habits methodology you become enabled, equipped, and justified in what you do as a reliability engineer.

We cover the 5 Habits to become confident:

1. Identify
2. Learn
3. Question
4. Data
5. Facilitate

Over 12 eeeks you will learn the habits to become an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer.

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We think that you will be genuinely surprised by what you will discover and how practical the habits are.

Did you know by joining our ERE Program, people in need receive 5 days of shelter in South Africa?

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